Medical Gases Virtual Event 2022

Next Level Healthcare – A World Beyond Covid

A medical gases, therapeutics and healthcare virtual event, powered by gasworld. 

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If the past two years of global pandemic have shown us anything, it is the vulnerability of healthcare systems – and us all – during a time of stress and strain. 

It has been proven that our healthcare provision can be both fragmented and fragile. The cracks in our creaking infrastructure can no longer be papered over. The access to and affordability of healthcare in many regions is simply not equitable. 

These glaring issues, as well as the efforts of those in the healthcare sector and the medical gases supply chain, must not go unchecked – nor must they be forgotten once Covid-19 becomes a distant memory. 

At a societal and governance level, we must strengthen global and local healthcare systems to deal with future threats and pandemics. We must also strive for greater access for all to tackle pre and post-pandemic healthcare challenges like pneumonia. 

For the medical gases and equipment industry, there is a renewed challenge as it faces up to its role at the centre of the public health architecture. How can companies make a bigger societal impact and be ready for future issues? What do investors materially look for, beyond the bottom line? And how can companies remain profitable when competition rises and paying power is limited – where are the opportunities? 

The time is now… 

The past two years has on one hand pulled at the frayed threads of supply chains that had for so long gone unnoticed; on the other, it has demonstrated the great effort, endeavour and ingenuity in rising to escalating demands and meeting new challenges. 

Who could have foreseen the collaborative international efforts to deliver medical oxygen to India during its darkest hour? How would the initial roll-out of vital Covid vaccines have been administered, without an innovative cold chain to transit those medicines?

We rightly question how many lives were needlessly lost, but we must also highlight how very many were saved too. We have seen that heroes don’t always were capes or even medical gowns.

With the lessons all but learned from the past two years of this pandemic, the time is now to put those lessons into practice and to move forward into a new era in medical gases and healthcare, a world beyond Covid.

Huge challenges remain. Even bigger opportunities await. And there is still much to be done if we are to reach the next level in healthcare for all and realise the opportunities in technology, digitisation and a more collaborative future.

Join gasworld and an esteemed panel of international speakers spanning healthcare, public and private sectors as we explore Next Level Healthcare: A World Beyond Covid


07th April 2022

World Health Day

Opening Keynote Speaker

0820 BST

Session 1

0910hrs BST
Nippon Gases

Session 2
Africa & Asia

1100hrs BST

Session 3
Next Level Healthcare

1400hrs BST

Session 4
The Americas

1530hrs BST

Closing Thoughts


Jean-Marc de Royere

Senior Vice President

Air Liquide

Pasquale Di Chio

Medical Technological Development Manager

Nippon Gases

Dr Herbert Schmidt

Pharmacist | Norms and Standards for Pharmaceuticals Team

World Health Organization (WHO)

Bernard Zenou


Novair Group

Leith Greenslade


Every Breath Counts Coalition

Nikki Tyler

Acting Deputy Director

USAID Global Health | Center for Innovation and Impact

Robert Matiru

Director of the Programme Division


John C. Graf

Technology Development Lead for Life Support


Jayasree K. Iyer


Access to Medicine Foundation

Massimiliano Sabbatini

Business Development Manager

AMBRA Sistemi

Marco Proietti

Business Manager

Home Medicine S.r.l

Ingrid M. Reyes

Executive Director

Chamber of Industrial and Medical Gases, National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI)

Fabian Van Damme



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Nippon Gases

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