Future-Proofing Industrial Gas Operations

The industrial gases business is on the verge of a whole new wave of growth and development, as various global megatrends shape the way the industry moves forward.

Digitisation and new ways of doing business are challenging the accepted business models in the industry, from the virtual reality (VR) technologies enhancing plant maintenance and understanding to the automation of filling plants, through to growing influence of e-commerce in industrial gas purchasing strategies.

All of which pose questions of the way the industry does business in the years ahead, as well as the human capital at stake and how to effectively reconcile the current core pillars with the inevitable success factors of tomorrow.

Join gasworld this summer for its Future-Proofing Industrial Gases Summit in Singapore, tackling all of these issues and what is increasingly an industrial gas revolution in operations and applications.

The summit will be held at the Orchard Hotel, Singapore from 25th-26th June. We will discuss future-proofing strategies through a selection of experienced and knowledgeable speakers and by running a series of pointed panel sessions, allowing insightful debate and engaging networking opportunities.

As well as holding the summit content programme, we continue to inform and educate delegates through our table top exhibition where companies will share with you their latest technologies and practices. This also provided a platform to engage in meaningful networking opportunities.

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