European Industrial Gas Summit

A Market Redefined and Re-Emerging

27th April 2021, 0730hrs UTC

Post-Brexit. Post-pandemic. Post-fossil fuels. Post-mergers. These are the talking points that dominate the new business playbook in Europe; the market drivers reshaping and reinvigorating the European industrial scene.

And when gasworld brings its Europe Industrial Gas Summit to the virtual stage this April, these are the searing hot topics that will set the agenda…

From a position of maturity and familiarity, the European industrial gases business has been in the midst of an evolution of its playing field and supply chains. The very face of the market has been redefined in recent years at the hands of the mega-merger of Praxair, Inc. and The Linde Group in 2018/19.

There is also significant change at both an application and operational level, with supply chains evolving and diversifying, while the political landscape has shifted, and Europe is also positioned at the forefront of a deep decarbonisation megatrend loaded with opportunity.

As we look to gradually unlock from the worst effects of a global pandemic that has fundamentally changed how we think and do business, the European gases business is itself redefined and re-emerging.

What better time to re-appraise the European industrial gases business today, where it’s heading, and better understand the challenges and opportunities ahead?


Nippon Gases

Principal Website
Nippon Gases, one of the leading industrial, medical and semiconductor gases companies in Europe, is part of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, which has over 100 years of experience and also boasts a major presence in Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, the US, and Canada. Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation operates in...Read More

Chart Industries

Executive Website
“Chart’s vision is to be the global leader of cryogenic, engineered equipment, systems and aftermarket to the clean energy, industrial gas and diversified specialty markets regardless of molecule.” Jill Evanko, President & CEO, Chart Industries. Chart’s unique portfolio is used in every phase of the global liquid gas supply chain,...Read More

Feature Website
HEROSE provides safety around the world for the handling of technical gases, steams and liquids. With more than 145 years experience in the development, manufacture and sale of valves with a high level of innovation and modern production with certified quality management, our company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers...Read More

Supporting Website
SIAD: ALMOST 100 YEARS OF LEADERSHIP IN GAS PRODUCTION Almost one hundred years of history, revenues for 692 million euros in 2020, 70.000 customers worldwide, 1.980 employees and a visionary presence in Eastern Europe, from Austria to Russia. SIAD S.p.A. (Società Italiana Acetilene e Derivati), which has been a leading...Read More

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27th April 2021

Opening Keynote

0740hrs UTC

Session 1 – A Market Redefined

0840hrs - 0940hrs UTC

Session 2 – Business & Operations: A New Playbook

1030hrs - 1140hrs UTC

Session 3
Re-emerging: At the Forefront of Decarbonisation, Part 1

1240hrs - 1415hrs UTC

Session 4
Re-emerging: At the Forefront of Deep Decarbonisation, Part 2

1440hrs - 1540hrs UTC

Closing Keynote

1550hrs - 1640hrs UTC


Eduardo Gil Elejoste


Nippon Gases Europe

Phil Kornbluth

Founder & President

Kornbluth Helium Consulting

Harmen Dekker

EBA Director

European Biogas Association

Stephen Gibbons

Global Market Manager, Continuous Gas Analysers

ABB Measurement & Analytics

Karina Kocha

Business Intelligence Manager


Peter Gerstl

Director of Hydrogen Sales EMEA

Chart Industries

Ellen Daniels

Chief Executive

British Compressed Gases Association

Peter Mackey

Vice-President Strategy & Policy Support, Hydrogen Energy at Air Liquide

Air Liquide

Stephen B. Harrison

Managing Director

sbh4 GmbH

Bernardo Sestini


SIAD Group

Dennis Kim

Engagement Manager

McKinsey & Company

Guttorm Aase

Associate Partner

McKinsey & Company

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