European Specialty Gas Summit 2024

Reshoring & Ready to Meet Demand

A 2.5 day event devoted to the fast-moving world of electronics, specialty gases and technologies in Europe.

If chips are the new oil, powering the digital age, then what does that make the critical specialty gases and electronics materials behind them?

Semiconductor demand has never been higher globally, with the ongoing rise of quantum computing looming large on the horizon, a new digital age already unfolding before us, and pent-up demand for electronic chips from the automotive and devices markets to name a few.

Against the backdrop of heightened questions over resource security, well-documented chip shortages and a vulnerable supply chain as war is waged on the continent, the €43bn EU Chips Act is designed to domesticate electronics manufacture in Europe once again. The Act offers to reinvigorate semiconductor production in Europe and migrate chips production away from Asia.

R&D organisations are coming forward with projects for the European ecosystem for semiconductor start-ups and scale-ups, while heavyweight names in the semiconductor space continue to drop hints at new Europe-based projects. But is the specialty gases and electronics materials (EM) supply chain ready to meet the demand?

Join gasworld this June for its first-ever European Specialty Gases Summit, devoted to addressing all of the key trends in specialty gas markets, unearthing the answers to those questions, and bringing together the analysts, end-users, and specialty gas producers and innovators that will realise this bright new future in industry and digital.

This is a dynamic 2.5 day event to reflect the fast-paced marketplace for electronics and specialty gases in Europe – and the array of questions still waiting to be asked.

All things specialty gases

There also exist diverse opportunities well beyond the semiconductor industry.

Chips may be the new gold rush, but applications such as additive manufacturing (AM), healthcare and environmental are all driving ever-greater demands in specialty gas purities and supply. Specialty gases have become critical components for almost every industry and walk of life today.

  • So what’s the state-of-play in Europe’s specialty and rare gases business?
  • And how can the region’s specialty gases industry meet these increasing demands?

With informed speakers and live, unscripted panel debates covering these splinter topics, be sure to stake your place at gasworld’s European Specialty Gases Summit to stay at the forefront of the region’s hot topic value chain.


11th - 13th June 2024


Registration & Welcome Reception

Day 1

Opening Keynote

Session 1 – Semiconductors & Supply Security in Europe

Rob Cockerill, gasworld

Session 2 – Next-Level Electronics Specialty Gas Supply Chain

Lita Shon-Roy, TECHCET

Session 3 – Live 1895 Podcast! What Next for Electronics in Europe?

Rob Cockerill, gasworld

Day 2

Welcome to Day 2

Session 4 – Hot Topics

Rob Cockerill, gasworld

Session 5 – Specialty Gas Innovation & Technology Needs


Katleen Boeckx

Business Director Electronics

Nippon Gases

Lita Shon-Roy

President/CEO and Founder


David Thompson

Vice-President of Process Engineering

Intel Corporation

Olivier Penning

Director Operations Cylinder Gases and Dry Ice BNF

Nippon Gases

Fawad Salman Khokhar


Product Manager

Jonas Sundqvist

Senior Technology Analyst


Dr Shababa Selim

Technology Analyst


Anton Quelle

Team Lead of Emulation


Davy Orye

Head of Additive Minds EMEA


Phil Kornbluth

Founder & President

Kornbluth Helium Consulting

Romary Daval

European Technical Manager

Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Roland Gärtner

Senior Application Engineer

PDC Machines

Rob Cockerill

Global Content Director


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Nippon Gases

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Nippon Gases, one of the leading industrial, medical and semiconductor gases companies in Europe, is part of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, which has over 100 years of experience and also boasts a major presence in Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, the US, and Canada. Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation operates in...Read More

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Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht

Venue Details

Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht is located on the edge of the vibrant city Utrecht, next to the highway and easily accessible by public transport.

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